Sacred Heart Church

2204 Binney Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68110
2204 Binney Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68110


The Sacred Heart parish staff includes:

Father David Korth, Pastor

Sue Vavak, Pastoral Minister and Director of Religious Education

Tim McTaggart, Pastoral Minister and Youth & Young Adults Minister

Cathy Jenkins Walsh, Pastoral Minister and RCIA Director

Brigid Hutson, Office Manager and Father Dave's Assistant

James Boggess, Freedom Choir Director

William Tate, Gospel Choir Director

Gene Klosner, Music Minister

Mr. James Chambers, Deacon

Mr. Rick Crotty, Deacon

Mr. John Vrbka, Deacon

Sacred Heart Parish Mission Statement:
We, the people of Sacred Heart, believing in God, and guided by the Holy Spirit, dedicate ourselves to forming a vibrant Christian community by: celebrating the presence of Jesus, serving the needs of the people, affirming the gifts of each person, and sharing lives and prayer, in love.

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